Sunday, 21 August 2016

Birthday greeting card

Hi everyone
Today's post is a greeting card.
Ever thought to give your near and dear ones greeting cards handmade with love?
Then do try making this card. Though this looks simple, but ain't it cute? Making this card won't take much time. 
 Its background is made using lady's  finger dipped in acrylic paint, along with pink handmade paper. It has a quilled flower in the centre. We have also used some pearls and a butterfly.

All you need is 
  • a lady's finger, 
  • some acrylic paint,
  •  a white card stock or pastel sheet, 
  • pattern paper, 
  • glue and 
  • embellishment of your choice.
Start by cutting lady's finger horizontally, dip it in acrylic paint, press it over white sheet in any way you like. After you are satisfied with the design, let it dry for an hour. Cut your pattern paper vertically or horizontally and stick it on the designed sheet as we have done. Now write the wishes or sentiment, stick some embellishment and you are good to go.
This is so easy that even kids can make this card. It will be fun.

Hope you like it
Chandhini and Subhashini

Friday, 12 August 2016

Mehandi designs

Hi everyone
This is our next post after a while. I saw this mehandi on Internet and wanted to try it out. I made this after my exams during holidays.
Hope you like it
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