Monday, 29 October 2018

Quilled girl with puppy

Hello friends

We are back with a post, this time it is a quilled project. We have made a quilled scene with a 3-D quilled girl with a puppy. We love those tiny tight coiled flowers, the addition of tiny pearls acts like icing on the cake. The grass has been created using crimpled green strips.

This time theme at "The Twisted Challenges"  is  Fairy Tales + Add your Own Twist.  As you all are familiar with fairy tales where they show that a girl waits for her Prince Charming to transform her dull/miserable life into happy life  and they live happily ever after. We want to break this misconception of a prince charming changing  a girl's life, rather a girl needs a true friend whom she can trust and spend her time with and share her happiness and sorrows. 

 Friendship makes life more beautiful. Don't you all agree with us?

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9. Time out Challenge #121We have been inspired by -HAPPY


Hope you like it.
Your comments are appreciated.
Subhashini & Chandhini

Thursday, 25 October 2018

BE-YOU-tiful- DIY Recycled Doll

Hello everyone

We are back with a new post and this we have one more doll to share with you. We wanted to make a sister doll for the previous doll we had posted earlier. You can check it here

These both dolls symbolizes us. Don't you think they resemble us? 

This time theme at "The Twisted Challenges"  is  Fairy Tales + Add your Own Twist.  You all might be familiar with the story of Snow White, where a wicked woman is jealous of Snow white's beauty. She asks the mirror every morning, "Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" The wicked woman used to compare herself with others' beauty and so was unhappy. So.never compare yourself with others. Comparison is the thief of joy. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

We have a tutorial for making these dolls.
Materials Required:
Old sauce bottle
Fevicryl shilpkar clay
Fevicryl acrylic paints
Paint brushes
Foam flower (optional)
Fevicryl fabric glue
Black wool
Black OHP marker

Start by cleaning sauce bottle. Wipe it dry.
Mix the two parts of clay well that they are blended well.
 Now take some talcum powder in your hands and start making a round ball for the face and a small cylinder for the doll's neck.. Leave some clay for hands.
Now take the remaining clay and roll it into a circle. Poke a small hole in the centre. 
Now carefully take the round clay and place it over the bottle also form it into a cape as seen in the doll.
Then place the small cylinder shaped clay with help of fabric glue on top of bottle and place the big round clay for the head.
With the remaining clay, divide it into two halves and roll it like a long thin log. Place one end of the log  under the cape and other end joining each other as if both hands are touching each other.

Let it dry completely. This will take half hour to an hour.
Now give a coat of white paint. Let it dry and give one more coat.
After it dries, give a coat of color of your choice. We have painted it red for the gown and golden for cape. Paint flesh tint color on face and hands. 
After it dries, make hair using black wool. You can try any hairstyle you wish. Now with black marker, draw eyes and lips. 
Place a foam flower if you wish.
Ta da, doll is ready.

We are linking it to the following challenges:

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8. MIUCB #18 - Anything Goes

Hope you like it.
Your comments are highly appreciated.
Chandhini & Subhashini

Friday, 12 October 2018

Festive Wall Hanging- DIY Elephant Toran (Navratri series -2)

Hello everyone

Happy Navratri to all my Indian friends.
We are back with one more creation, this time it is a wall decor idea, especially suited for festivals.

With festivals round the corner, we made a toran to give our home a festive look.
We have recycled pizza boxes as a base for this wall hanging, you can use any cardboard. Those who are a regular here might be knowing our love for recycled crafts and handmade goods. So, this is a win-win for us as it incorporates our two loves.

Toran in making

Materials Required:
Cardboard/ Pizza box
Colored sheets
Rhine stones/Kundan stones
Golden ball chain
3D outliner-gold (we used Fevicryl Hobby Ideas)
3D Golden glitter tube (Fevicryl Hobby Ideas)
Golden ribbon

1. Draw an outline for elephant on the cardboard, you may make birds or anything you wish to. Make for such outlines.
2. Likewise draw the outline on colored sheets that we will use to cover the cardboard base. Cut them out.
3 Paste the colored cut-outs of elephant on the cardboard cut-outs with glue.
4. With the help of 3D outliner, outline the elephant. Let it dry completely.

5. Now comes the fun part, you can let your imagination go wild and embellish the wall hanging in any design you like. We made a design the elephant back with 3D glitter.
6. Now stick the stones, pearls and ball chain the way you like.
7. Stick the completed pieces on ribbon, leaving some ribbon on top to hang it on wall.
Tadda it is ready.

We are linking it to the following challenges:

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Do give it a try, you will love for sure.
Hope you like it.
Subhashini & Chandhini

Friday, 5 October 2018

One is never too old for dolls..... (Navratri series-1)

Hello friends

Navratri is going to come in a few days time, so we are here to share a project that we have made for Navratri. It is a recycled project this time. We have turned a sauce bottle into a showpiece.  

Navratri doll

 In India we celebrate Navratri, which means nine nights, where we worship female goddess. It is celebrated differently in various states of India- 'Unity in diversity'. In south India, we celebrate Navratri by keeping "Golu"  where we display idols of god, goddess and other figurines in odd-numbered steps of 3, 5, 7 or 9.  Then people invite their friends and families to each others houses and exchange gifts. People make sweets and snacks, offer it to god and distribute it to friends and family. It is a gala time.

Before makeover

Navratri doll-side view

Every year it is a custom to buy a new doll for Navratri Golu. So this time we decided to make a doll instead of buying a new one. Navratri this year is all the more special for us as we are celebrating it at home with our family after three years in hostel. Navratri is synonymous with Golu for us and it makes us nostalgic about  our good old childhood, when we used to look forward to go to others house and enjoy seeing the display of dolls. We used to be excited about the gifts we would receive(silly young us). 

Close up of the design

We have made this doll using old sauce bottle, Shilpkar clay, acrylic paints, 3-D outliner, black wool, glue and black marker. Though we have not took step wise pictures, it is easy to understand. You would not believe it if we told that we had started it four months back, did the basic clay work and left it. Only recently we painted it and finished doing the henna design and making hair for it. Finally it is here before you after a lot of work. We are happy with the outcome.

Doesn't she look picture perfect?

Linking it to the following challenges:

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Hope you like it. 
Please give your valuable suggestions so that we can improve.

Subhashini & Chandhini
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