Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Coconut shell box

Hello friends, 

We are back with a new craft which is inspired from Radhika hobbycarfts, do check  the link for detailed instructions. She has beautifully explained it with pictures.

I really enjoyed making it. I have decorated it in a different way. I am very happy with the outcome. you can use it to store your small rings, earrings, chains and other small stuff. Hope you will also enjoy it.

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Hope you like it,

Chandhini and Subhashini

Friday, 18 August 2017

DIY- Wooden spatula makeover

Hello friends,

Today we have a recycled project. While de-cluttering our home, we found two wooden spatulas sitting in a corner sadly. Very often we find something unexpectedly which inspires us for our next project. Don't you all agree with me? 
So, we thought why not make something with it. We got inspiration from Google for this craft.
Why not hang it in your kitchen to enhance its beauty?

Here's the procedure for you to try:
Wooden spatula -1
Shilpkar clay -1
Acrylic paints
Fabric glue
Paint brushes

Turning everyday item into insanely cute decor!
Clean the spatula first with a dry toothbrush or cloth. Give a base coat with black paint & allow it to dry. You can give a second coat. Now mix the two clay together well & dust your palms & working area with talcum powder. Start making the flowers & leaves. Glue them on the spatula using fabric glue. Let it dry completely & paint with colors of your choice.

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Chandhini & Subhashini

Monday, 7 August 2017

Handmade Envelopes

Hello friends,
We are back with a new post for the festive season. Today's post is about handmade envelopes. These envelopes are really simple and fuss free. you can decorate them in different ways using glitters, quilling, washi tapes, sequins and even painting. Here, we have done them in two different ways. One is quilled with simple flower and second has been done with 3D glitter.

Stay tuned for more crafts.
Hope you like it,
Chandhini and Subhashini

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pista shell lotus

Hello friends,

We are back with a new post. Today, we have a lotus made from pista shells. All you need is patience to stick the shells together as it can be tricky. I have used Feviquick here, you can also use hot glue gun. You must let it dry completely before painting it. You can then paint as desired with pearl colours.


I have posted two pista shell crafts previously in this blog. One is lotus with Ganesha and the other is a wall hanging.
 You can refer to this post.

 It is different from this one in that I have placed a small Ganesha idol in the centre. It can be used as a showpiece or you can also gift it to your friends.

It is a simple wall hanging made on a cardboard, pista shells have been stuck and it has been painted. It can't get simple than this.

We are linking it up with the Inspiration Spotlight Linkup Party

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Hope you like it,
Chandhini and Subhashini

Monday, 15 May 2017

Quilled earrings using beehive technique

Hi friends,

Today's post is a beehive quilled earring made for our friend. We made it last year to gift her. We have made in beautiful blue colour scheme.

Hope you like it,
Chandhini & Subhashini
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